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Server monitoring

Our dedicated monitoring team helps you to monitor the servers 24*7*365. cPanel Server monitoring plan provides a preventative measure by detecting any small issues before they cause to be any major issues and let you know.

The plan includes the monitoring of the following services:

Network connectivity, Server disk usage, Memory usage, web services etc and also supports ping, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SSH, DNS, POP3, IMAP, MySQL and much more.


Server monitoring
  • Dedicated monitoring team
    We have a 24x7 dedicated monitoring team which constantly monitor your servers so as to prevent severe server outages and ensure your server uptime.
  • Nagios based 24x7x365 service monitoring and troubleshooting problems
    Your Servers are frequently monitored for load, mail queue, network status, bandwidth usage etc using Nagios monitoring tool and actions are taken accordingly to the monitoring report.
  • Ticketing system and email/phone support
    We supports different channels of communication including ticketing support, Email, phone, live chat and you have the absolute authority to choose your prefered mode of communication.