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Why the user is receiving the error message “IP address has changed” from cPanel?

Published on : November 23, 2018 by Evangela Marium

Just imagine! One fine day you woke up and tried accessing your cPanel account and you see an annoying message “Your IP address has changed. Please log in again”.

You try to login in again and again and the error message just doesn't disappear. Finally, due to many failed attempts, your public IP gets blocked and you will have to contact your hosting provider and starts firing at them. It's very annoying, isn't it?

We are going to find out why you are getting the specific error message on your cPanel login screen.

IP address

What is Cookie IP validation?

cPanel uses Cookie IP validation when you are trying to login to your cPanel account. What does cookie validation mean? Well, the answer to that lies in cPanel itself. cPanel validates the IP address used in all cookie-based logins.

The attackers may use your cPanel session cookies and use them to exploit your cPanel or WHM interfaces which is quite dangerous. So, to limit the attackers in doing the same, we use the Cookie IP validation method.

Why am I facing this issue?

If your IP address is getting changed from time to time, you might be facing this issue. Most of the hosting provider sets this parameter to strict validation which will require the current IP address and the cookie IP address to match them exactly. When this is not happening due to change in your IP continuously, you will get a warning.

This issue can happen while logging into your cPanel, Webmail interfaces or even if you have successfully logged in and you are browsing through your cPanel for some time and if your IP address changes at that time, you will be logged out automatically with the IP address changed error message.

The error can also occur if your machine is in some kind of Proxy/VPN which changes the IP address dynamically or your ISP is having a very short DHCP life (that also forces IP address change dynamically).

How can I resolve this problem?

The first thing that you can try doing is clearing your browser's cache and browsing history. If you are still having issues, try using a different browser and try accessing your cPanel which should bypass the problem.

You can try accessing cPanel in this format - or you will have to find a consistent Internet connection to access cPanel which should resolve the issue most of the time.

The final way is to disable the Cookie IP validation from your WHM. This can only be done if you have root access to WHM and can be done from WHM > Tweak Settings > Cookie IP validation and set it from “Strict” to “Loose”. This option is not recommended since setting it to loose will ease the security of your account.

We had discussed Cookie IP validation and why you are being logged out of your cPanel and seeing the “IP address change” error.

I hope you were able to solve the issue from one of the solutions that I had mentioned earlier.

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