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How to take backup of your website in your cPanel Account?

Published on : July 23, 2018 by Evangela Marium

Backup is an essential part of our life. Not only in terms of hosting but also on daily basis, we do take backup of many things such as our social media chats, photos or anything that we don't want to lose in your life.

Let's get back to our topic now. We are now going to learn on how to take the backup from your cPanel account, assuming you have already purchased your hosting and you are having the details such as cPanel username and password for your account.

First of all, login into your cPanel account. In the search option which is present in the top right corner, you may type “Backup” and you will be able to see two suggestions which say “Backup” and “Backup Wizard”. You can check the same from the below screen shot.

Backup wizard

Both the options are quite similar but to make it more user-friendly, they have provided with two options. The option that you want to choose purely depends on your requirement.

Are you going to take the full back up of your cPanel account or do you want to take backup of specific files/folders such as the home directory, databases etc?

If you are looking for a full backup of your account, you can go for the option “Backup”. What this option does is, it will allow you to take the full backup of your cPanel account which includes emails, files, folders, databases, basically everything that is present in your account.

The advantage of having this backup is that, even if you remove your hosting account, as long as you are having this backup, you can restore it right away. Having this backup will allow you to move from one hosting to another more easily since you can ask the new hosting provider to restore the backup that you have taken and they can do it from there end easily.

After selecting the “Backup” option, you will see a dialog box saying “Download full website backup”, that’s what you need to click. You can refer the below screen shoot for taking the full backup of your account.

full backup

Be sure that you have enough space in your hosting account before starting this process since it may fail if you have less space than the space required to take the full backup.

Clicking on that option will take you to a new page which would be something like that the one you are seeing in the below image. You can see a column which specifies the “Backup destination”. Which means “Where would you like to take the backup? Do you want the backup file to be placed in your home directory or someplace remote? Choose the option which you require. Usually, most of the people just go with the home directory since its quite simple and hassle-free.

The next column asks for your email address. If you are tired of waiting for backup to get over by looking at the screen, that’s when this option comes into play. You can just provide your email address and once the backup gets over, it will send a notification to the email that you have entered. 

If you do not like to receive an email notification, that’s fine, you can click on “Do not send email notification of backup completion” option.


Finally, the moment that you have waited for, yes, you can click on “Generate Backup” dialog box and it would take you to the page as the one shown below:

cpanel backup

That’s it for the first option. You have successfully generated the backup of your cPanel account. Now, the second option is “Backup Wizard”. This feature allows you to download a compressed copy of all or part of your website. Please check the below screen shoot for reference.

backup wizard

Click on the “Backup” option and it will take you to a web page with a lot of options as shown below. You can take the full backup by clicking the “Full Backup” option which will the same as the one which we took earlier. You can see a partial backup option and this feature allows you to select which partial backup you want to download.

This includes Home Directory, MySQL Databases, Email Forwarders and Filters. You can take each backup of those as per your interest.

backup wizard

The partial backups will download the backup directly to your local system and not keep it in the home directory of your cPanel account. You can check the below image as it shows you the last step for taking the backup of your home directory. This is the same for the other two options which are the databases and the email backup of your account.


From the above steps, I hope you have learned on how to take the entire backup of your cPanel account as well as the partial backup of your home directory, emails, and MySQL databases.