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Author: Andy Robert

Methods to improve cPanel server stability

Published on : July 19, 2019 by Andy Robert

cPanel Shared Hosting can fall prey to server instabilities due to multiple users abusing the server resources. This can eventually cause service failures affecting all users. That’s where the cPanel resource monitor helps. Why do we need server resource monitoring? i) Ensure server stability The primary advantage of resource monitoring is increasing server stability. It…

Integrating WordPress Blog With Magento

Published on : July 6, 2019 by Andy Robert

Product descriptions, content pieces, and reviews are essential in helping your customers decide what to buy or which option to choose. As you may know, simply selling products is not enough to attract loyalty from customers. Regularly updating contents or adding a new one is one of the best ways to increase the SEO ranking.…

How to connect to FTP using an FTP client and what are the possible reasons for the failure of the connection?

Published on : November 13, 2018 by Andy Robert

File transfer protocol commonly knows as FTP is widely used to transfer files over the Internet. We all know the fact that to transfer files with huge sizes, the easy way to do the same is using FTP clients such as FileZilla, Cyberduck etc. Before we begin with connecting to an FTP client, we would…

cPanel plugins that enhance your server security

Published on : November 2, 2018 by Andy Robert

Malware is emerging on the internet daily. They are composed of many things such as the virus, trojans etc which can harm the data on your servers. Any organization that has a web presence will be concerned about their server security. We have to accomplish uncompromising security measures to secure the confidential data hence, we…

How to Forward mails of cPanel default email address?

Published on : July 20, 2018 by Andy Robert

We all know to set forwarders for mail accounts in a cPanel server. But is it possible to set a forwarder for the emails of cPanel default address? Yes, it is possible to do that through an indirect workaround. Overview When a cPanel account is created, it creates a default email account with the name…

Truncating Eximstats – Eximstat Database size increasing to large size

Published on : June 30, 2018 by Andy Robert

If you are familiar with cPanel you might know that cPanel uses the famous Exim as MTA. Exim manages the mail queue using Eximstats. Eximstats parses the exim log to produce text and graphical data, i.e. number of sucessful and unsucessful delivery etc etc. From WHM we can analyse the email queue by from “Home…

Top 10 best practices in cPanel server management

Published on : June 22, 2018 by Andy Robert

cPanel is one of the favorite and most commonly used control panels in web hosting servers. Since it has an understandable interface and user-friendly design which is popular for the ability to easily manage all functions of the hosting account, its efficiency cannot be challenged. Any business that deals with computers need servers. Even a…

What makes getcpanel support one of the best server management company

Published on : June 15, 2018 by Andy Robert

What makes us different from other service providers? 1. Quick Response We make sure that your needs are met without any delay as we respond to your tickets within 30 minutes. All these updates will be shared so that you can have a better understanding. 2. Friendly Customer Care  Our support is what makes us…